Charge your laptop with Omnicharge

I don’t like to work in the office. I prefere being outside where the sun shines. Also I go travelling a lot. Over the years I came up with quite much gear which helps my mobile working lifestyle. This is the first in a series about the stuff which makes travelling outside easier.

use omnicharge to charge your laptop mobile

Yes, you can plug in your Laptop!

Extend your battery life with Omnicharge

Working mobile we run out of battery way to early. While there are many power banks out there the Omnicharge is special. Additionally to standard USB plugs you can plug in your laptop (or other devices) as it features a normal AC/DC Power Outlet giving you juice for 5 extra hours or so.

I don’t own this yet, as it is still a indigogo campaign (only two days left!). But there are many reviews out there saying it is great of even the best gadget of the year.

Before backing I checked out all the options, so a short note on what I am getting.

  • You need the pro version, if you want to plug in „normal“ cables like for you laptop.
  • Before shipping they will ask you
    • if you want the US or EU version
    • if you want the barrel plug or USB-C version.

I will be voting for the USB-C version as I think it is the plug of the future. But the USB-C version has two drawbacks.

    • Loading the Omnicharge takes 4 instead of 2 hours (still quick) as USB-C only supports 15w. And the barrel plug can be updated with an additional perk (OmniPro Upgrade-DC Output) to support also loading Laptops, meaning you don’t need your heavy charger. But this means you will need special cables. I think the USB-C is more universal so I will vote for it.

The USB-C Version will ship in December 2016, while those with the original barrel plug will still ship in October 2016.
Update: It is May 2017 and the Omnicharge now finaly seems to be sent out soon. :-/. An available alterantive would be the Hyperjuice.

Special note: etIf you want to get your own omnicharge and you like me 🙂 you can use the links on this page and I will get some referral refund helping me a bit for my next trip.

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