Charge your laptop with Omnicharge

I don’t like to work in the office. I prefere being outside in the sunshine. Also I go travelling a lot. Over the years I came up with quite much gear which helps my mobile working lifestyle. This is the first in a series about the stuff which makes travelling outside easier.

use omnicharge to charge your laptop mobile

Yes, you can plug in your Laptop!

Extend your battery life with Omnicharge

Working mobile we run out of battery way to early. While there are many power banks out there the Omnicharge is special. Additionally to standard USB plugs you can plug in your laptop (or other devices) as it features a normal AC/DC Power Outlet giving you juice for 4 extra hours or so.

I expected much after reviews like this saying it might even be the best gadget of the year.

After backing it took quite long to arrive. But now I got it in my hands and really like it. I got the Ommnicharge 20 Pro edition version. Quite heavy but also pretty powerful.

What I like about it:

  • I can use just any device which uses 100 watts or less including my Mac Book Pro Retina 15 inch or my LG PF1500G projector using a standard power plug.
  • I also got a MagSafe 2 adapter. So I can leave my heavy Mac charger at home and also get more (roughly 4 hours) of usage time.
  • The Omnicharge itself charges very quickly (4 hours or so) with their own charger. But I can also use any usb cable and charger to charge it over night.
  • The quality is great. It looks and feels really sturdy.
  • The OLED helps a lot and gives me all the info about what is happening with the device.

What they could improve

  • It does not feature USB-C. They originally planned to support it but pulled back as USB-C still seems to be rather tricky (Update, they now offer a new USB-C variant).
  • The price is pretty heavy. The 13 costs 200, the 20 250 and the 20 with pro bundle with all the cable costs 300 $.

When you run or charge a device directly with the a DC adapter (instead of charging it with your normal charger) it is important to use the right voltage. Just check the output voltage listed on your charger. For my MacBook Pro Retina 2012 15 inch this is 20 volts.


August 1st 2017 Omnicharge released a USB-C variant for 250 $. As an early backer I got a special offer for 149 $. Take note: The USB-C Version does not feature the AC/DC power outlet.

There are some alternatives like the 350 $ Hyperjuice or the 80 € ANKER POWERCORE+ 26800 PD (test in German). The Anker features USB-C with fast charging but misses the standard plug which I am using a lot.

Special note: If you want to get your own omnicharge and you like me 🙂 you can use the links on this page and I will get some referral refund helping me a bit for my next trip.