Create Prisma videos with Snapchat’s faceswap

With the Prisma app you can create crazy images. There is a rumor the app maker might include a video feature in the future. But you don’t have to wait. Just use Prisma images with the Snapchat’s faceswap feature. It is simple and free. Here is how it works:

You can use the faceswap feature with all filter apps. Before Prisma went through the roof I used it with the similar Dreamscope App (Video). Prisma is more simple and faster to use. But Dreamscope offers more filters.

Both use the „Deep Dream“-technology which google released as open source. I met a scientist from the Max Planck Institute who explained me how this actually works (thank you!).

Prism/Dreamscope and Snapchat is a really interesting combination. Especially, as you can export the video and e.G. import it on Facebook as a profile Video. The first one who does this, gets a free Lightpainting from me.

More creative smart phone tips (in German):
There I also give the tip to always film horizontal, but Snapchat does only support upright shooting :-/.
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