Casual Games and Gender

The Casual Games Association has released their Casual Games Market Report 2007 . Would be interesting to get my hands on it as an article on it says that men play casual games as often as women which is different to the common believe that most casual gamers are women. Seems the men don’t like to admit they play these „little“ games.
I wonder how they got their data. Most classical casual games websites told me the huge majority of their visitors would be women. So where do the men sneak in?
One possible solution could be that men are more likely to play on etc.. Most Games there can also be called „casual“ if you mean easy to pick up. But on the other hand many of the games on newgrounds have some gore which is something which does not fit other definitions of casual games. For example you won’t find any gore on etc. Could turn of the women…

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  1. If men tends to crack games and not buying them, I believe casual games oriented for male should focus entirely on multiplayer-based mechanics, where the process of authentication on the server could minimize the negative impact of piracy.

    It makes sense to let the single-player mechanics to women-driven titles for another reason: they will also appreciate story-telling and 10-15 minutes gameplay sessions more than men.

  2. @Tex Pine: I think most men over 35 are actually buying games they play. And take in mind that the market which focuses on males under 30 is still much bigger than the casual games market for women. Piracy is a issue, but not the biggest one (at least in USA and Europe).

    To your second part: I am working on a survey right now which should shed some light on the male/female play styles.

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