Lightpainting und politische Kommunikation

International conference on Communication and Light

2015 das Jahr des Lichts. Viele Konferenzen nehmen das Thema der Unesco auf. Auch die „International Conference on Communication and Light„.

International conference on Communication and Light

Ihr call for papers hat mich inspiriert Lightpainting unter dem Aspekt der (politischen) Kommunikation zu denken:

Lighting up the darkness, shooting energy balls, growing angel wings, leaving graffiti without trace … With the photo art technique „light painting“ you can create unbelievable images which you can use to communicate ideas in an exceptional way.
When you take a long exposure photo (10s+) in relative darkness you can paint with light like with a brush on canvas. In the session I discuss several topics connected to this technique which results in photos which look like computer generated while only using old photo tricks.
Already Picasso painted with light. Light painting is nothing new. But with the digital photo technology it has become much easier since you do not have to wait till the photos are developed giving you the possibly to correct the setup for your next picture.

Currently a second revolution shakes light painting scene. So far light painter were quite proud that their photos looked like they could only have been created with the use of computers (while actually modifying them in Photoshop and co. is actually frowned upon). But thanks to technical advances and Kickstarter campaigns, computer-controlled lights give the artists entirely new possibilities. With the you can simply „print“ any graphics in „real“ environments (samples). But do the additional opportunities weigh the loss of a part of the „analog“ touch of light painting?

Roughly 200 visitors of the re:publica 2015 set the light painting world record.

Another focus of the session is light painting and political communication. With the help of thousands of participants the speaker just set the light painting world record at the re:publica conference about digital society. Instantly after being taken the photo went trending on twitter, meaning it was the most talked on topic on twitter in Germany. With light painting you can involve people to paint their messages in thin air. You can draw a political message anywhere without leaving a physical trace. In guerilla lighting art performances this “jester’s license” is used to put a spotlight on neglected urban objects. Dark corners are “illuminated” giving evidence of a different reality.

During the session we discuss various techniques and applications for light painting. But additional to theoretical aspects we will go practical, dim the lights and make some photos ourselves. So bring lights (smart phones will also work). And if we are enough, we might even break the world record.

Update: My paper was accepted. Seems I am going to Portugal.

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