Amanita Design does it again with "Machinarium"

We at Neodelight were big fans of Samorost by Amanita Design and happy we could feature it on
So I was excited about their latest game „Machinarium„. And I can say I really, really enjoyed playing it. Can’t remember feeling so moved by a game as during the last screens, when I had freed the robot girlfriend, knowing it would be over soon.
Kudos to for making the game so challenging (riddles) and accessible (one button design, included walk through, Flash) at the same time.
From what I hear sales of Machinarium here in Germany seem to be pretty good. It makes me very happy that Amanita therefore does not only get the critical reception they deserve.
If you are interested in the creation of Machinarium check out Machinarium Deconstructed or this little interview.
Amanita also did a little serious game for BBC called „Questionaut„. Feels good :-).
So guys, keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to many others out there.

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