Virtual and real deaths

Wikileaks released a U.S. Military video showing the killing of 16 civilians including two Reuters Photographers. Please note that the video is very disturbing and graphic (link). Why I write on it here? It looks and sounds VERY similar to the Call of Duty level „Death From Above“ (game play video) which made it even more disturbing for me. I thought about why that might be the case.
I think the reason is that I felt guilty that I enjoyed playing the level. Back then I already had a bad feeling noticing the cold blooded commentaries and the unrealistic easy distinction between „good“ and „bad“ fighters as well as neutral civilians. But playing the level still was great fun. And that I felt that fun makes me feel sick now.
It might be interesting to use both videos when discussing media usage with young adults.

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  1. There are two new games letting you play drone attacks. After your strike „SpecOps: The Line“ lets’s you visit the place of destruction showing you the horrible results. „Unmanned“ let’s you experience the day by day work of a drone pilot including shaving, driving to work,… and flying drones – which is mostly boring.
    Interesting article on the topic in the german Spiegel:

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